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Foundation Donation Options

The AOAO Foundation fulfills its mission through direct donations from individuals and industry. Consider these additional ways to contribute!

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs)

Make Charitable Donations More Tax Efficient

A Qualified Charitable Distribution is a way to take the money with a dollar-for-dollar reduction of  taxable income, while satisfying RMD, with no income being reported on a tax return from the distribution.

  • First dollars need to go to a charity.
  • Can create a Donor Advised Account to earn interest and distribute to charity from this account.
  • Use this money to participate in Charity events, golf tournaments, auctions, etc.

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Deferred Compensation

There are many types of deferred compensation plans. These nontraditional plans take advantage of IRS tax codes that most people do not leverage. There are separate plans for employees of a non-profit, employees of a for-profit, and owners of a for-profit company.

These programs allow you to:

  • Save more money for retirement
  • Reduce your taxable income
  • Let the government subsidize your retirement plan

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