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CME Committee Resources

Moderator Responsibilities:

1. Develop content and schedule for the session in which he/she is assigned. This includes meeting all deadlines set by the administrative office for submission of the session schedule and any required disclosure forms.

2. Introduce each speaker during their assigned session.

3. Be available to fill in as a speaker if necessary.

4. Encourage post lecture dialogue and develop appropriate questions to stimulate discussion.

5. Attend moderator school or participate in moderator teleconferences at least once.

Speaker Responsibilities:

1. Develop presentation for participants that is relevant to osteopathic orthopedic surgery, but free from commercial bias, using the guidelines and objectives provided by the CME Committee.

2. Follow deadlines set forth for submission of required materials.

3. Include disclosure, or lack thereof, of any financial relationship by completing the required form AND by including a slide with the presentation.


Speaker Frequently Asked Questions


AOAO Reimbursement Policy for Speakers and Moderators

Executive Director approval is required prior to any arrangements with speakers other than those outlined below. To receive reimbursement or honoraria, presentation must be at least 20 minutes in length. Any other monetary compensation shall be submitted to the Executive Director, in writing, for approval prior to making any arrangements with the presenters.

Honorarium Per Diem Other
AOAO Member Speakers $100 Amazon e-gift card

Spine Section: $1,000/ lecture
ARAS: $500/lecture (starts 2024)
Foot/Ankle: $500/lecture
Shoulder/Elbow: $500/lecture
Trauma: $250/lecture

AOAO Member Moderators * Note: all responsibilities must be met to receive free CME. Complimentary CME for the meeting in which they develop a session.
Foot/Ankle: $1,000
Trauma: $1,000
AOAO Non-Member osteopathic Orthopedic Surgeons None None None
Non-member  physician or other medical guest speakers for all other sessions (and key note speaker if applicable)
Honoraria will be $500 per speaking day; $350 per speaking day (Speakers are reimbursed for actual expenses up to $350.); The per diem includes lodging & meals. (Incidentals such as service bar, movies, internet, etc are not reimbursable.)

Reimbursable travel expenses: 1. Economy/coach non-refundable airfare only (First class will be reimbursed at the lowest economy fare.); Maximum reimbursement of $600 – unless prior authorization is received from AOAO Executive Director; 2. Taxi, Parking (no valet), rental car for a maximum of actual expenses up to $200; 3. Auto (roundtrip) (reimbursed according to Government allowance) – reimbursed only if airfare is not claimed.

Non-member, non-physician/medical  guest speakers $500 honorarium; Any speaker wishing to promote his or her company’s product(s) will submit an Exhibit Agreement. Contact the administrative office for details.

Past Topics

Members with Fellowship Training

Assistance with Speakers 

Contact Joye Stewart for assistance with contacting section members for speaker volunteers.

How to Write the Practice Gap Analysis and Objectives for Your Session

Objectives AND the Practice Gap Statements are requirements by the AOA to maintain our accreditation approval.

Professional Practice Gap & Educational Need
The Practice Gap Analysis and Educational Need Statement has replaced the past “Needs Assessment” statement. The statement should reflect your systematic process of gathering information to determine instructional solutions that will close the gap between what the physician does know and what the physician should know to be competent or an expert in his or her field. You may use state wide and nationwide issues, literature review and studies as data to determine an educational need to be communicated to physician attendees.

These questions may assist you with determining the educational gaps for your session:

  1. What problem is the activity planned to address/how are the intended participants currently involved?
  2. Why does the problem exist and what will be presented to address what the learner needs to do?
  3. What educational need(s) are the cause of the professional gap(s)?

Please note: You must include at least (1) Core Competency for how this session is osteopathically distinct.

Each session must have 3-4 overall learning objectives. The AOA will not accredit our meeting without this information. Objectives may be summarized, but MUST include all topics. Use language such as “Upon completion of this session, the participant will…” Language that includes “will have learned”, “will have reviewed”, “will be able to” is important as it predicts a positive outcome for the learner in your session. What is the learner expected to achieve or be able to do to address the identified professional practice gap(s) after the activity?

Please note: At least (1) of your learning objectives must be reflective of achievement of AOA Core Competencies.

AOA Core Competencies

  • Osteopathic Principles and Practice
  • Medical Knowledge and its Application into Osteopathic Medical Practice
  • Osteopathic Patient Care
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills in Osteopathic Medical Practice
  • Professionalism in Osteopathic Medical Practice
  • Osteopathic Medical Practice-Based Learning and Improvement
  • Systems Based Osteopathic Medical Practice



Future Meeting Dates and Locations