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AOAO Foundation Research Grant

The AOAO Foundation seeks proposals of high scholarly merit from AOAO members enrolled in a residency training or fellowship program.  A review group will convene to evaluate applications for scientific and technical merit. Research projects must be orthopedic in nature and include the four osteopathic tenants:

  • Body is a UNIT [body, mind, spirit]
  • Body is Capable of self-regulation, self-healing, health maintenance
  • Structure & Function are reciprocally interrelated
  • Rational Treatment is based on these principles

Review Criteria

• Project offers an innovative approach to a clinical, surgical or basic science question
• Project is of publishable quality
• Well defined hypothesis

Cohort Analysis
• Clear designated outcomes
• Comparisons between prior/new usage/utilization
• Collection and measurement of outcomes

• Well defined processes
• Identified techniques to be used
• Evidence-based or Original

All expenses are reasonable and appropriate, clearly identified

Target population
• Well defined
• Project has access to targeted population
• Explains how will reach targeted population

Integration Overall
Assessment of project – likelihood of success/publishable

Principal Investigator
Background / experience/relationship (PD, Attending, other)

Disbursement and Requirements

Applicants may apply for up to $5,000 maximum. Upon award of the grant, 50% of the amount requested (up to $2,500) will be disbursed. The award recipient must attend the Annual Fall Awards Ceremony the year in which the award is given and provide a brief presentation on the research. The remaining 50% (up to $2,500) will be disbursed following attendance and presentation at the Annual Fall Meeting.

Application and Instructions

The 2024 grant application submission process is now open. The deadline for submission has been extended to April 8, 2024.

2024 Application Instructions
2024 Grant Application