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DOs That Do

There are surgeons among us who do amazing things, and who have unique and interesting talents in the arts, music, sports, community service, etc. The purpose of “DOs That Do” is to showcase these individuals and their special talents or contributions.

Read about them in The Orthopod!

DOs That Do: Dr. Craig McManaman Trains for Triathlons

Dr. Craig McManaman somehow finds the time and energy to train for triathlons around his home in Bad Axe, Michigan.  What is especially interesting is his wife is his biggest competitor and they are both crazy enough to have built a training lap pool in their back yard!  Read on for more!

How and when did you get started doing triathlons?
I wrestled in college and on the Olympic circuit and always cross-trained with running and swimming.  My first triathlon was with other medical students from MSU in Holland, MI in 1991.  I enjoyed it and pursued more races later in my career. Read more…

Lee Vander Lugt, DO, FAOAO, FAOA

Lee Vanderlugt, DO, FAOAO, FAOA is only the fifth Executive Director in the history of the AOAO. This October he will be retiring after 11 years of exemplary service!   Read more about his life and how he rose to this leadership position.

Tell us about your family, interests and activities growing up?
I was raised in the Grand Rapids area of southwest Michigan.  My father worked in the telecommunications industry for 50 years.  I am the oldest of six children.  My two brothers (one a DO and one an MD) both practice family medicine.  Two of my sisters worked as RNs early in their lifetimes. Read more…

Dr. Chris Hull, “The Hat Doc”

When did you first start collecting hats?
One of my patients gave me a hat from the Russian occupation of Afghanistan in 1994 as we visited about his malady at my satellite office.  I wore it the rest of the day and people were entertained by the story of the Russian soldier that must have worn it. During that occupation we were asked to volunteer to operate for some Mujahedin Freedom Fighters. I had an elderly man with a three-year-old hypotrophic midshaft nonunion femur that he would wrap to stabilize and walk the Afghan mountains.

We put in a 14-holed blade plate and the next day he was squatting in the corner of the room drinking a Pepsi. Read more…

DOs That Do: CAPT Mark E. Fleming, DO, FAOAO

Dr. Mark Fleming is one of our most distinguished AOAO members. As a DO trauma surgeon, he has risen to Captain in the Navy, and currently serves as Deputy Director, Navy Trauma Training Center, LA County & USC.

In addition to trauma surgery, multiple deployments and assignments, his professional life also has a strong research component with 69 peer reviewed publications, 70 presentations & 30 posters.

He is a graduate of MSU-COM, Orthopedics at MSU, & Trauma Fellowship at U of Minnesota. Read more…

DOs That Do: Endurance Cycling with Steven Morton, DO, FAOAO

Dr. Steven Morton, your current AOAO President, recently qualified for the Race Across America by completing a 444 mile ride from Nashville, TN to Natchez, MS in a Herculean 32 hours and 8 minutes!

Read more about this and his passion for cycling.

What type of cycling do you prefer?
I primarily do road cycling.  I have on occasion done some gravel grinding, but mostly road.

How did you get into the sport?
As a kid I rode my bike everywhere growing up in a small town in Massachusetts. Read more…

Flying High with Dr. Greg Barnhill, Plane and Helicopter Owner/Pilot

How many of you make rounds in a helicopter?  Or fly up to wilderness Canada for fishing and backcountry Idaho for hiking?

Meet Greg Barnhill, DO, and read about his fascination with flying!

When did you first get interested in flying?
My father was a family doc and had a patient who owed him for delivering his twins. He was also a helicopter instructor pilot. So, when I was 15, my father sent this guy to the Texas Gulf coast to buy a rebuilt Bell Whirlybird. Neither of us knew how to fly, so we learned together. Read more…

Music by Michael A. Steingart, DO

When did you first become interested in music?
I remember watching the old Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes cartoons when I was eight or so, and being more interested in the music than the cartoon.

What got you started?
My father and mother put me on the piano at a young age. I was able to read music – bass cleft and treble cleft very early in my life.  I was able to work out the classical songs I was told to learn.  I could hear a song and then play it on the piano. I would force myself to read the written music so I could better understand what the composer wanted. Read more…

Charles Orth, DO, FAOAO – Amateur Astronomer/Photographer

Dr. Charles Orth practices a fulfilled general orthopedic practice in Blue Springs, MO (Kansas City) where he is also orthopedic residency Program Director at St. Mary’s Medical Center. He attended the University of Health Sciences of Kansas City College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his orthopedic residency at the Kansas City program.

Dr. Orth is married, his beautiful wife is a practicing family physician and Program Director as well for a family practice residency in Kansas City and has two sons, ages 26 and 24 living in Chicago and Kansas City. Dr. Orth currently serves as a Director on the AOAO Board. Read more…

Germaine Fritz, DO, FAOAO, has volunteered 15 years of overseas “mission” work in Central America, South America and Africa

What motivated you to pursue overseas volunteer work?
An Orthopedics Overseas / Hand Surgery Overseas trip is all about why I became a physician – caring for people who truly need help. It’s working with individuals in their home territory, respecting their culture and ideas and sharing ideas together from different parts of the world.

The playing field is leveled and we are just trying to care for people and learn from each other.

What about the lack of supplies and equipment?
The lack of technology, combined with the need to use creative judgment and diagnostic skills, is challenging and rewarding.  The absence of politics, EMR and ICD 10 is refreshing! Read more…